Please use the links below to access any available outlines, handouts, audio and video corresponding to Brad’s Workshops. 

A Way Through Conflict: Have Convictions But Pursue Love (Rom. 14) | Audio | Outline

Are We There Yet? (Knowing When to Graduate Your Counselee) | Outline | Handouts

Back to Grace – How to Not Turn Your Counselee into a Pharisee | Outline Handouts | Audio 

Basic Marriage Counseling | Handouts | Outline

Biblical View of Sexuality | Outline | Handouts | Audio Telling Your Children about Sex

Comparison of Counseling Philosophies | Outline | Handouts Audio 

Complaining | Outline | Audio

Common Diagrams in Counseling | Outlines HandoutsAudio

Conflict | Outline

Desperate Parenting | Outline | Handouts | Audio | Harrison Bigney Salvation Testimony

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough Outline | Handouts

Feeling Abandoned by God (Psa. 88) | Outline | Audio

Forgiveness | Outline Audio | Milton Vincent ‘Forgiveness’

God’s Grace in a Season of Suffering (Brad and Vicki) | Outline | Audio

Getting to the Heart of Real Change (Prov. 4) | Outline

Grace – The Missing Ingredient | Outline Audio | Handouts

Growing Counseling in the Local Church | OutlineHandouts Audio

Guilt & Repentance | OutlineHandouts Audio 

Hope & Help for Hurting Parents | OutlineHandouts | Audio | Harrison Bigney Salvation Testimony

How Grace Changes Our Suffering | Outline

Idols of the Heart | Outline | Outline Handouts Audio

Key Elements in the Process of Counseling | Outline Audio

Keys to Reviving a Broken or Stagnant Marriage | Audio | Outline

Killing Pride & Cultivating Humility | Outline Handouts  | Audio 

Leading People to the Goodness of God | Outline Audio

Let God be God | Outline | Audio

Making Much of God in Counseling | Outline Audio

Making the Most of Homework |Outline Handouts

Ministry for a Lifetime | Outline Audio

Origin & Purpose of Biblical Counseling | Outline Audio

Overcoming the Guilt of a Sin-Filled Past | Outline Audio

Passion for Christ | Outline | Audio

Prayer – Tapping into the Real Power for Change | Outlines Handouts | Audio | Harrison Bigney Salvation Testimony 

Sexual Temptation: Resisting or Rebuilding in the Aftermath of Failure | Audio | Outline

The Role of the Husband | OutlineAudio

The Role of the Wife | Outline Audio Handouts

Trials & Suffering | Outline | Audio

SBTS Jan. 16 Workshop | Transformational Church Structure | Basic Marriage Counseling Template

Staying Alive | Outline Handouts | Audio 

What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical | Outline | Handouts Audio

What to Say When it Can’t Be Fixed (Isaiah 40) | Audio | Outline

Why Don’t All My Prayers Get Answered | Outline | Audio

Worry & Fear | Outline Audio

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